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Tool Regrinding and Coating

Even though our suppliers offer the best-made tools in the world, even the highest-quality tools dull with use. Luckily, Kline Industrial Tool offers a regrinding and coating service. We can regrind, sharpen and coat everything from high-speed steel drills to custom carbide cutting tools. This reconditioning allows your tools to run like new again, boosting quality and efficiency.


Instead of discarding and buying a new tool when one goes dull, simply get it reground. Tool regrinding can often restore a tool up to three times, saving multiple parts-worth of money. Although not all tools can be reground, many can be. Bring your tools by for an evaluation and we’ll see if we can regrind it for you.

Kline Industrial Tool wants to be the first and final call for all your needs both routine as well as difficult

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