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Tool Regrinding / Coating

Instead of discarding and buying a new tool when one goes dull, simply get it reground. Tool regrinding can often restore a tool up to three times, saving multiple parts-worth of money.

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Gage Calibration / Repair

Regularly calibrating gages is essential to maintaining manufacturing accuracy. Kline Industrial Tool uses industry-leading calibration processes to deliver the next level of precision and quality.

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Engineered Solutions Support

Our knowledge of high-quality suppliers allow us to come up with unique solutions, perfectly tailored around your process.

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Toolroom Design / Cabinets

The toolroom is the crux of operational efficiency. Well organized tool storage using cabinets and specialized storage enables easy access and intuitive design. We will work with you to determine a layout that best fits your needs.

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Vended Tool Solutions

With a large-scale manufacturing operation, organization is key. Kline Industrial Tool offers tool vending solutions that enable you to organize tools and parts in specialized cabinets and mobile tool carts.

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